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PVC plastic flooring and rubber floor difference
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◆ different composition and consumption process: rubber floor is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous rubber flooring refers to the natural rubber or synthetic rubber as the foundation, color, composition of the monolayer or multi-layer structure of the vulcanization of the floor; non-homogeneous rubber flooring refers to the floor to natural rubber or synthetic rubber as the foundation, Comprising a wear layer and other compaction layers which are different in composition and design, and the compaction layer comprises a skeleton layer.
◆ color difference: rubber flooring coloring is difficult, because the rubber has a strong color, so most of the color of the rubber floor is relatively simple; and PVC plastic flooring color is more, to any combination, you can give designers more s Choice.
◆ device is difficult to level differences: PVC plastic floor texture lighter, the device is convenient; rubber floor is very heavy, the device is more laborious. And the rubber floor of the device approach more stringent request, if the way does not show bubbles, the request for self-leveling ground more successful, otherwise it will exaggerate the grassroots defects.
◆ market demand and wear resistance are different: rubber flooring due to high prices, only in some high-end places use, the scope is relatively small; and PVC plastic flooring because of its high cost performance and therefore very common, the market potential. In addition, the rubber floor of the wear resistance of the stronger, in the airport, stations and other places where traffic is very large and aircraft, trains, subways, cars, ships and other means of transport is applicable.

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