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PVC plastic floor construction method standards
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Technical preparations

1, carefully familiar with, audit floor construction drawings

2, understand the construction content, analysis of engineering characteristics.

3, for the air of the request, the operator to stop the technical end of the game.

Tool preparation

1, the main tools: electric air welding torch v-shaped mouth knife, jagged scraper, drum, knife, oil brush, cut knife, scissors, wood hammer, rubber hammer, plastic barrels and so on.

Due to pvc floor device engineering more professional, and thus the use of fixed professional team construction device.

Team members have many years of floor construction experience to ensure that the construction quality of 100%.

Data preparation

1, the project air information for the pvc coil: the requirements of flat surface lubrication, no cracks, the average color, thickness differences, and fit the design requirements and the relevant technical specifications.

2, the appearance of the wire should be smooth lubrication, no holes, no nodules, wrinkles, the average color differences, wire composition, performance and floor material the same.

3, adhesive requirements can be quick-drying, sticky clean high strength, strong water resistance, environmental non-toxic water-based glue and fit the relevant technical specifications.

4, data transport, inventory to be erected, not flat, stacked stacking, to prevent pvc coil deformation, shall not be stored in the wet, the sun shines of the place, to prevent the disc color, uneven color. Adhesive should be a separate storage, fire, anti-sun exposure.

1, ceiling, wall, and water, electricity, pipeline device at the end.

2, indoor paint, brush paste, etc. to complete.

3, the grassroots has been completed, no hollowing, cracks from the sand, oil and other phenomena.

4, the indoor temperature is not greater than 80%, the construction environment temperature should not be less than 10 ¡æ.

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