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What are the characteristics of rubber products?
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1. Rubber products molded, after a large pressure to suppress, due to the elastic body is not enough to eliminate the cohesion, in the molding from the mold, often resulting in very unstable shrinkage (rubber shrinkage, due to different differences in rubber ), Must be after a period of time, only to ease the stability. Therefore, when a rubber product design at the beginning, regardless of formula or mold, need to carefully calculate the cooperation, if not, it is easy to produce product size instability, the formation of low quality products.
2. Rubber is thermosetting thermosetting elastomer, plastic is hot and cold. Rubber due to the different varieties of sulfide, its molding curing temperature range, there is a considerable gap, as well as due to climate changes, indoor temperature and humidity affected. And thus the consumption of rubber waste conditions, at any time to do a moderate adjustment, if not, it may produce product quality differences.
3. Rubber products are made of rubber raw materials to stop the mixing machine made after mixing rubber for the original material, in the rubber when the rubber products according to the characteristics of the design formula, and set the required product hardness. The product is molded and molded by a rubber flat vulcanizer. After the final shape of the product to stop the flash disposal, the product appearance and lubrication without burrs.
4. Rubber products aging test belongs to the aging test category, rubber aging refers to the rubber and products in the processing, storage and use of the process, due to the internal and external elements of the role of synergies caused by changes in the performance of structural changes, and thus the loss of the use of value. Manifested as cracking, sticky, hardening, softening, powdering, discoloration, long mold and so on.

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