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What is the development of rubber products?
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In 2011, the European debt crisis continued to spread, the international market reaction sensitive, the domestic macroeconomic downturn in the national economy in the application of a wide range and play an important role in the rubber system industry can not be prevented to be involved. At the same time, the three major natural rubber export countries have formed a strategic alliance to raise Jiaojia, resulting in the rubber industry as a result of the increase in consumer costs show production cut production; downstream automobile manufacturing industry is facing the risk of policy control, and the real estate industry macro-control policy See relax. Many elements of the common role, led to the rubber industry to carry out the slowdown in the industry.
10 tire sales of domestic and foreign enterprises in January 2013 consumer operating conditions: tire production fell 0.53%, an increase of 32.22%, of which radial tire production increased by 44.28%; tire export delivery increased by 30.55%; production waste inventory value Year-on-year landing -7.46%, to complete the opener.
January data better than the same period last year, the industry pick up trend is obvious: in January this year, China's tire production increased significantly year on year, significantly improved the export situation, the initial value of waste goods showed negative growth. As last year's Spring Festival in January, effective working days, resulting in a low base, a large increase. In recent months, radial tire production, all adhere to more than 10% growth, and the value of waste products continue to land, indicating that China's tire demand continued to improve, pick up reasonable.

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