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On the structural structure of rubber
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Linear construction: general construction of unvulcanized rubber. Due to the large molecular weight, no external force, was fine group. When the external force, the removal of external forces, fine group of entanglement attack changes, molecular chain attack rebound, resulting in a strong tendency to restore, which is the origin of high elastic rubber.
The structure of the chain of rubber macromolecules is a collection of gels. The gel is detrimental to the performance and processing of the rubber. In the rubber refining, a variety of complexing agent often improve the gel area, constitute part of the blank, can not constitute a reinforcement and cross-linking, a thin product of the site.
Cross-linked structure: linear molecules through some atoms or atomic groups of the bridge and each other convergence, constitute a three-dimensional network structure. This construction is enhanced from time to time with the cessation of the vulcanization process. In this way, the free activity of the segment can land, the plasticity and elongation drop, the strength, the elasticity and the hardness rise, the tightening deformation and the swelling degree landing.

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